Welcome to Yew Tree Magic - the Soundworlds of Martin Walker, the Artwork of Belinda Walker, and the inspiration of ancient Cornwall. Enter a mysterious and enchanted world where magic exists in every tree and stone, and where mists hide a multitude of secrets.

Martin's music is peaceful, mysterious, and deeply spiritual. It straddles genres including Ambient, Chill-out, Downtempo, New Age, Contemporary Instrumental, Neo-classical, and Music for Meditation.

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Aug 2014 Camel Audio releases Martin's Steamworx for Alchemy Mobile

Mar 2014 Martin is guest speaker at the A2D 2014 Music Industry Seminar

Aug 2013 Soniccouture release Geosonics instrument featuring MW sounds

Jul 2013 Camel Audio release Minimal Techno soundbank featuring MW sounds

May 2013 Martin chairs the Digital Future Of Music Panel at the A2D Music Expo 2013

Apr 2012 Martin chairs the Technical Panel at the A2D Music Expo 2012

Mar 2012 Applied Acoustic Systems Head 2 Head Interview with Martin

Mar 2012 Applied Acoustic Systems release Martin's KitNetix sound library

Jan 2012 All YTM Music CD pages now offer a full-length track as well as snippets

Dec 2011 Camel Audio release Dream Voices soundbank featuring MW sounds

Nov 2011 Applied Acoustic Systems release Chromaphone featuring MW sounds

Oct 2011 Soundworld Experiments 1: Steampunk Buddha Machine II

Sep 2011 PlugINdex interview Martin about his 'Steamworx' sound library

Apr 2011 Camel Audio release Martin's 'Steamworx' sound library

Apr 2011 Martin chairs the Music Industry Panel at the A2D Music Expo 2011

Mar 2011 Little Endian release Martin's 'Gamma Shift' sound library

Apr 2010 Camel Audio releases Cinematic soundblank featuring MW sounds