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Harmonica Electronica

Our latest CD album is the first fruit of an ongoing musical collaboration between Martin Walker & Mitt Gamon.

"Soundscapes full of inventiveness and sensuality... A unique blend... Definitely worth revisiting!"

Chaz Jankel (The Blockheads)

"Uplifting electronica that features harmonica. Deep and textural. A weird and wonderful combination."

Richard Barbieri (Japan, Porcupine Tree)

Steamworx for Alchemy Mobile

Camel Audio release Martin's popular sound library, adapted & optimised for the iPad/iPhone generation

"Truly Outstanding."


Mar 2014 Martin is guest speaker at the A2D 2014 Music Industry Seminar

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Soniccouture release Geosonics instrument featuring Martin's sound design skills

Jul 2013 Camel Audio release Minimal Techno soundbank featuring MW sounds

May 2013 Martin chairs the Digital Future Of Music Panel at the A2D Music Expo 2013

Apr 2012 Martin chairs the Technical Panel at the A2D Music Expo 2012


Applied Acoustic Systems release Martin's KitNetix sound library.

"KitNetix is a macrophonic sound bank that zooms into an intricate new world. The 128-preset collection crafted by renowned sound designer Martin Walker features drum kits made from exotic materials, percussion unleashed from reality, soundscapes from dark beginnings to glittering futures, hyper-detailed generative textures, and fantasy hybrid instruments that have never been heard before."

Martin Walker Head2Head

Applied Acoustic Systems Head 2 Head Interview with Martin

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Camel Audio release Dream Voices soundbank featuring MW sounds

Applied Acoustic Systems release Chromaphone featuring MW sounds

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Steampunk Buddha Machine

Soundworld Experiments 1: Steampunk Buddha Machine II


Camel Audio release Martin's 'Steamworx' sound library - a cinematic netherworld featuring keyboard instruments made from clocks, drum kits built with steam-powered machines, fog-shrouded soundscapes and gothic choirs.

"Camel Audio and Martin Walker have created an incredibly beautiful, incredibly useable library that is a go-to source for inspiration ... I can’t find a single fault in this library. This is a first."

audioMIDI, 6/2011

"Steamworx is a far and away place of dreams and odd science. Hats off to Martin Walker for this very innovative set ... This expansion is highly recommended."

Wusik Magazine, 7/2011

PlugINdex Interview: Martin Walker

PlugINdex interview Martin about his 'Steamworx' sound library

Martin chairs the Music Industry Panel at the A2D Music Expo 2011

Gamma Shift

Little Endian release Martin's 'Gamma Shift' sound library

"SpectrumWorx has been my favourite secret weapon for some time now – I love its extreme sonic transformations. If you’re searching for new sounds, it doesn’t come much better than this!."

Martin Walker

Apr 2010 Camel Audio releases Cinematic soundblank featuring MW sounds

"The overall quality of presets is outstanding... Highlights for me are Luftrum’s stunning pads and pretty much everything by Martin Walker, who consistently delivers amazing, highly cinematic sounds."